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Assignment Calendar: Algebra II  
Two lesson plans were created using the ASSURE model. The second lesson plan submitted for this project deals primarily with one conic section called a parabola. Students are to be given a review of the major parts and the relationships thereof of a standard parabola, asked to graph several examples using a graphing calculator, and answer questions about this conic and the graphing process. The teacher has created an assignment calendar to cover all the lessons, assignments, and assessments for this unit on conic sections. This tool is posted on the teacher's website prior to starting the first lesson of the unit, so that students (and their parents) have a clear idea of the assignment schedule. It will also be printed and posted in the classroom for easy reference and students, or the teacher, may choose to print it out for their own individual reference. The following is an excerpt from this assignment calendar.
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
Week One Lesson: Introduction to Conic Sections

HW: Worksheet
Lesson: The Circle

HW: #1-39 odd p. 325
Lesson: The Ellipse

HW: #4-25 even p.330
No class Quiz: Circle & Ellipse
Week Two Lesson: The Parabola

HW: Finish Worksheet & Word search
Lesson: The Hyperbola

HW: Finish Worksheet
Lesson: Graphing Conic Sections using Computer & Calculator

HW: Graphing Worksheet
Quiz: Parabola & Hyperbola No class
Week Three No class Lesson: Conic Section Webquest & Presentations

HW: Complete Zoomerang survey; #1-19 all p. 341
Lesson: Student Presentations / Review

HW: Chapter Review, all problems
Lesson: Review Conic Sections

HW: Study
Test: Conic Sections
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