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Using the learning tools provided by Zoomerang at, an online survey was created to allow the students themselves to evaluate a lesson on conic sections. Zoomerang is a fantastic site for creating assessments due to its ease of use and broad range of templates and customizable choices. For this curricular unit, students choose conic sections, research them through an online webquest and the Internet, and create presentations to present the material to the rest of the class. Although the teacher has committed to reviewing the lesson and its media on a regular basis using the ASSURE model, the students can offer a unique perspective that can greatly enhance the lesson for future use. They may be better able to judge the effectiveness of the media selected, how it was used, and how it was presented by the teacher. The Zoomerang site enables students to access the survey from any computer with a simple web address provided by the teacher. All responses are completely anonymous which should yield honest and valuable results.
Zoomerang survey
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