The process of creating this website was like a roller coaster ride. At times it was frustrating and slow like chugging up that first initial hill. Other times were exhilarating and incredibly fun like going down that big hill or around the corkscrew turn.

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I primarily used the web design software Dreamweaver with a few additions or modifications done using straight html coding. I am glad that I decided to utilize this software and my own domain name because it allowed me the freedom to truly do what I wished with the site. Had I chosen to use a free site, I am sure that some things would have come easier, but in the end I would have been more frustrated with the limitations.

One particular challenge was finding a source that I could connect my site to in order to have a discussion board. I do like the one that I found and used, but depending on what age my students are, it may or may not be too complicated for them. I plan on looking into changing this to a simpler blog design in the future.

The only other issue that arose during this design process was actually connecting to my web hosting service with Dreamweaver. Even my husband could not figure this one out, although he claimed it was merely his Mac ignorance. I cannot tell you how proud I felt to delve into this problem and come out victorious. I did some basic research on the Internet for problems others have had with Dreamweaver and Mac’s and found a discussion board that pointed out a small, but very important setting that most people forget to check. It was as simple as clicking on the box next to “Use Passive FTP.”

This one little victory, both over the technology glitch, and if I am to be honest, my techie husband, still makes me smile and feel capable when it comes to web designing. This confidence has carried through the entire process and made me more apt to try new things and to conquer the little issues that arise myself, without having to run to the help menu or manual.

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